Leading Edge Drone Inspection Software Solution


It’s an exciting time to be a part of the wind industry. Private citizens and corporations alike are demanding an increase in green energy from wind turbines, and the industry is increasing capacity rapidly. As wind farms grow larger, keeping track of blade conditions can be challenging.

Maintaining blade efficiency is critical, and drone inspections provide valuable data that can influence important decisions regarding maintenance and repair – but if there are gaps in your data, owners and operators are left with an incomplete data set and an inaccurate blade assessment that requires a second inspection.

BladeEdge Controller AppSM Product Overview

The team at BladeEdgeSM has developed the BladeEdge Controller App (BE–APP) to continue to move towards complete wind turbine inspection automation. Starting with the automated capture of images all the way through building a fully autonomous push button solution for wind turbine blade inspections. BEAPP is an iOS application that allows for the autonomous capture of images, capturing data more consistently and accurately. BEAPP also provides enhanced security for communications between the drone and the controller while removing outside communications to external sources. 

BladeEdge Capture Assurance ToolSM Product Overview

We’ve minimized the need to re-fly inspections with our BladeEdge Capture Assurance Tool (BECAT). This proprietary inspection software program ensures wind turbine inspection flights deliver accurate data the first time and every time before you leave the field.

Get a first-hand look at the BEAPP and BECAT interfaces in our new product overview.